Should Congress Get Different Health Insurance?

Regardless of your political leanings, I think most Americans would agree that members of Congress should have to live with the same bad legislation that it foists on the rest of us. Somehow, though, they always manage to exempt themselves from laws that they pass while we the people are stuck and have no options. It is ridiculous. We are literally sheep being led around to do what they decide for us without any impact on their own priveleged and sheltered lives.

Today the case in point is healthcare. Why should we pay stupid, high cost health insurances premiums while a select 535 select individuals and their staffs enjoy their own good deal? Worse, do you think that anything is going to change with that inequity?

You not want to get out of the easy chair just yet and march or protest about this, but if you want to do something then click this link and add your name to a petition. That’s it, easy-peasy. Perhaps it will light a fire and start you thinking about something more substantial and if so, make it happen and be the difference!